RLS -Whispers of the Echoes

Whispers of the Echoes


By- Madeeha Owais

The familiar face slowly disappears Unseen troubles silently grow, feeding fears.  I didn’t notice as it ate away inside,  Leaving nothing, nowhere for me to hide.    I fell apart, hoping for some comfort,  But no one reached out, no support to escort.  So, I pretended to be strong, hid my pain,  Covering up the hurt, keeping it restrained.    Their hurts and lies kept pouring down,  But they never understood my deep frown.  Their conditional love, just an empty show,  Never enough, always left me low.    Then, in the midst of all this gloom,  Someone offered love, breaking the room.  I, afraid of its depth, pushed it away,  Hurting myself and their kind display.    Everything felt lacking, a sad disguise,  Leaving wounds deep, hard to comprise.  For the love that was freely bestowed,  I turned away, a painful episode.

Madeeha Owais

I'm Madeeha Owais, a student of English literature. My passion for storytelling extends beyond the pages of textbooks. Through poetry, I explore the richness of language and the depths of human emotion. Each verse I craft is a reflection of my journey through academia and my evolving understanding of the power of storytelling."