RLS -Me to You

Me to You


By- Laiba Noor

In the symphony of senses keen, Amid the lecture’s drone, a dissonance unseen. Anxiety’s shadow, a ghostly kin, Tick-tock echoes, a dolorous din. Absent minds in tandem drift, Legs in motion, thoughts adrift. A murmuring duet of minds astray, Lost in cartoons, pages’ array. Are they reflections, or echoes of me? In this shared realm of perplexity. As the bell tolls, smiles commence, Yet, a riddle persists, a lingering suspense. Lectures end on a note of glee, A guise concealing a deeper decree. Forced camaraderie in the classroom’s fold, A tale of weariness, a narrative untold. Creativity, a rebel unconfined, Beyond syllabus, a realm of the mind. The cycle persists, an unbroken chain, A legacy of strain, to be borne again. For now, we endure, but future’s plea, Echoes of pain for posterity. In the tapestry of learning’s domain, The cycle persists, a perennial refrain.

Laiba Noor

"Literature student passionate about languages, birdwatching, and capturing moments."