by - Rohma Nadeem

Observant of its eminence, art assists to draw upon interpretations, evoke uncommon inspiration, eventually helping us as individuals to recollect the most innate of imaginations to be conceived which previously would have been plagued by the guise of rationale. Art in all its pristine glory leads the spectator providing him with ground to discover more about oneself and the world outside. “To be an artist is to believe in life”- Henry Moore As a universal medium of producing eclectic emotions depending on the individual’s facility to discern meaning, art is limitless and beyond possible definitions. The sophistication of good art is the resonance of emotions one feels while looking at it. Though art is perceived through the lenses of the observer, it is broadly classified though not confined to forms that are mentioned below. These forms include painting, literature, sculpture, music, architecture, theatre and cinema. PAINTING Paintings capture the heartiest sentiments through motifs, shapes, lines conveyed in a two-dimensional fashion. The painter invites to experience the language of his mind offering the spectator liberty to perceive it in the light of things that have come to define his selfhood. LITERATURE An expression of thoughts, commentaries condensed in the written word, literature mirrors the surrounding world determined through the lenses of the writer. It holds the impression of being a nuanced art form helping us unveil our deepest yearnings making it possible to revolutionise times. Not only does it build empathy but aids in broadening horizons of viewpoints. Subject to wildly different reactions, great literary pieces are oftentimes denounced for their temperament. SCULPTURE Sculpture is a three-dimensional art form wherein material is created into visually appealing shapes. Sculptures have throughout history been an elusive sight of craftsmanship and perseverance. Drawing inspiration from the humanist principles of the Italian Renaissance, they embody the celebration of the temporal, defying the nature of medieval doctrinal fanaticism. MUSIC Music is the universal phenomenon of expressing and evoking sensation through sounds and vibrations producing an audible composition. The fundamental constituents are timbre, rhythm, melody and harmony which when unified captivates the listener. Voice and instruments are employed in a polished manner, giving rise to various genres. ARCHITECTURE Architecture builds an association of the creative aspect of art with the functional appeal of science. It offers a dynamic perspective though it has been scrutinised time and again fetching it the reputation of an outlier, something more akin to viability rather than artistry. However persuasive the consensus be, aesthetics can be cohabited with utility, which has been substantiated by architects who have reflected their mastery into designs which are now classified under styles such as Classical, Renaissance, Victorian, Bauhaus etc. THEATRE With its inception to propagate information and provide recreation, theatre is among the earliest performance arts resulting in the fusion of the auditory and the visual. The ancient flourished civilizations of Greece and Rome have significantly contributed to the evolution of theatre. CINEMA Cinema is a passably modern development in the realm of art forms but has paved its way into the lives of ordinary masses progressing into a distinguished yet accessible medium of entertainment. Cinema industries around the globe generate massive amounts of revenue as a result of its undeniable recognition. Art is subjective and perhaps too indefinite an emblem of life, encompassing in it the things we may lack in our conspicuous world. It is complex and stirs in us the most delicately drawn sensitivity which previously might have been diminished to scanty proportions. Art is ceremonial for it gives life to our existence.

Rohma Nadeem

Rohma Nadeem is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science. She believes that proactive learning and fostered zeal hold the key to a more gratifying life.