Raleigh Literary Society, AMU



Spoken Word Poetry and Storytelling Competitions - International Conference on Post-Truth(s): Repres

The Raleigh Literary Society, Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University, orchestrated a symphony of words, rhythm, and narrative with the grand crescendo of its second Spoken Word Poetry and Storytelling Competitions. The event unfolded under the aegis of the International Conference on Post-Truth(s): Representations in Contemporary Literature and Cinema, a two-day intellectual endeavour meticulously organised by the Department of English at AMU on the 28th and 29th of November 2023. The verdant expanse of the Department of Fine Arts Lawn played host to this literary spectacle, where tongues of English, Hindi, and Urdu spun tales of truth, falsehood, resistance, personal and collective identity, heroes and villains, as well as dystopian and augmented realities. A magical touch of spontaneity was added with an open-theme section, allowing the artists to traverse uncharted territories of creative expression. Adjudicating this tapestry of linguistic artistry were the discerning minds of Prof. Samina Khan and Dr. Muneer A. Kuzhiyan from the Department of English at AMU. The stage was set ablaze by 33 participants. The charismatic duo of Ms. Adhna and Ms. Sakina, students at AMU, took the reins as anchors, guiding the audience through this literary odyssey. The event commenced at about 3:00 PM with the address of Ms. Sharmien Ajmal, the Secretary of the Raleigh Literary Society. Thereafter, the stage was taken over by the participants weaving a tapestry of poetic and narrative talent that left the audience in awe. Once the performances concluded, there were words of appreciation from the Secretary as well as the Joint Secretary, Ms. Sidrah Noor. The judges shared their reflections on the kaleidoscope of talent that graced the competition, culminating in the bestowing of awards upon the winners. The ceremony celebrated the alchemy of expression and acknowledged the efforts of all participants. In the Spoken Word Poetry category, Maryam Khan claimed the first prize, with Areeba Ahmed and Adhna MP securing the second and third positions, respectively. The coveted Best Storyteller award went to Abdul Muneeb, who returned to captivate hearts once again. Special mentions adorned the names of Aloufa Elayodath, Khadeeja, Waseem Akram, and Hamda Tahoor, acknowledging their commendable performances. This literary extravaganza didn't just add a splash of excitement to the conference attendees; it was a tidal wave of inspiration, creativity, and unbridled expression that acted as enrichment to all of the brilliant minds in attendance.