Raleigh Literary Society, AMU



Storytelling Competition

“We’re all stories in the end… just make it a good one, eh?” So once said one of television’s most beloved characters, and so the Raleigh Literary Society did when it organised a Storytelling Competition as one of the cultural events it hosted as part of the 19th International Biennial Symposium on Literature and Culture in the Asia-Pacific Region, a creative addition to the academic conference. On the 26th of November, 2022, at around 2 past noon, the show had already started and was in full swing for the organizers. The event was officially started with an introduction to the society by the Chairman of the Department of English, Prof. Mohammad Asim Siddiqui, also the President of the Raleigh Literary Society. The programme was anchored by postgraduate students of the department, Alina Hadi and Nausheen Nizami. Almost the entire lawn was teeming with the huge turnout of participants and audience, a testament to the enormity of the event - there were more than 20 pre-registered entries present for the performance in addition to on-the-spot registrations. Each individual performance of storytelling was a riveting show of creativity, innovativeness, and passion, the words blending in seamlessly with the environment of the lawns and of the mesmerised gazes of the audience, proving to be a true showcase of the beauty and inventiveness of creative writing. All entries were received extremely well, receiving h rounds of applause from the audience, echoing off the walls and trees. Abdul Muneem Khan bagged the first prize for Best Story, while Affan Shikoh was deemed to be the Best Storyteller.